P. 1
NatioNal ENviroNmENtal Policy act ProcEss
• Align facilities with SI Strategic Plan
• Increase public access their useful life
• Realize benefits from the efficiencies of an integrated plan • Improve access, circulation, and visibility
• Improve and expand visitor services and educational programs by providing spaces for public gatherings and programming as well as retail and food services
• Revitalize buildings and replace building systems at the end of
We are Here
Step 1
Initiate Project
• Develop Purpose and Need
• Conduct Agency Public Scoping
• Develop Alternatives
Step 2
Collect Data
• Analyze Existing Conditions
Step 3
Analyze Alternatives
• Analyze Environmental Impacts
Step 5
Public Review of Draft EA
• Release Draft EA
• Hold 45-day Comment Period
Step 5
Final EA and FONSI
• Response to Comments on Draft EA
• Prepare Final EA/FONSI (if appropriate)

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